Ta daa!

I think I left you just outside Deba and was heading for Bilbao. I think France was definitely a bit of a doddle compared to this and I can see why people cop out and catch the train for the last bit. Hard, hilly and, if you get the route wrong, with really bad traffic. But on the whole it has gone ok. I missed most of the traffic but paid for this in terms of terrain. I avoided Bilbao and stayed at a place with a name like Solpadeine (I’m in a hotel lobby without a map). It is on the coast to the north of Bilbao and is reached by a very rural route. Grotty campsite but really helpful hippy running it. He put me on a route to get across Bilbao using the oldest transporter bridge in the world (there is a very bored geek who reads this blog and every time I mention a fact he tears me to pieces with I’ll concealed venom – eat that one boy). Trouble is, the coastal path has a half a dozen sets of steps that I had to manoeuvre bike and trailer up or down. But the bridge made it worthwhile. Great bit of old technology.

My destination was Laredo – again undistinguished other than by the grittiness of the campsite. I must mention that the original idea for this trip came from Janet and Gerald Gilbert. When I saw Gerald at the time trial the other day I was surprised to hear that they cut the trip short at Bilbao and caught the bus into Santander. I can only presume the horror stories of the N634 had struck home but , I’d you’re ever attempting this trip, that bit of road from Bilbao to Laredo is an absolute joy. Sure, loads of hills but very few camions (lorries) or cars of any sort.

After Laredo I took the coast road to Pedrena and caught the ferry across the bay into Santander. So there you are, I’ve made it. 938 miles in 13 days of cycling (I had a couple of days off). Not bad considering I was towing a corpse behind me. I’ll put a few pictures below this just to prove I really am here. Brought the ferry forward to Monday and going to Portsmouth. Meet you all on the Wednesday evening ride!

Thanks for reading and for all your support.






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