This may take a little while to get to you as I’m seriously not going to upload anything via public cellular data. France is very definitely behind me now and what a difference a few miles make. If you remember I was in Hendaye yesterday and politely asked Johnny Satnav to find me a pretty route to San Sebastian. I said I didn’t mind a few hills but would prefer a few less murderous Spanish lorry drivers. Well, he came up with the goods alright, and have I done some climbing. I was slightly proud of having only used my granny gears once in France, but the coast and Coastal strip of northern Spain is HILLY. I lived in my granny gears and still had to cight my way up a few of them. And that’s reflected in the numbers. Most days in France I was managing an 11.6 mile per hour average. Today it was 8.6!!! Still, do 60 miles of that and you’ve earned your supper. Some of the hills were covered in encouraging words like ‘Wheres MY bloody EPO?’. It wasn’t actually but it was in Spanish of which I have no understanding. That’s what I wrote when I went back to pick up my heart and lungs that had leapt out of my chest.

Eventually got to Deba and met a very helpful traffic warden who spoke fantastic English. He pointed me in the right direction for a campsite (up two more enormous hills!) and then told me he was losing his job next week. He works in Deba but lives somewhere else, and his employers decided they would only employ people from Deba. “it’s a big shit”, he said, and I agreed.

I went through Donastia San Sebastian on the way here. What a beautiful town. This whe area is beautiful and bears a striking similarity to the South Hams but with even bigger hills. I met a little bird while I was resting on a park bench who thought my front wheel was a tree we chatted for a while, and this e evening my new best friend is a robin. What else? Oh yes. I embarrassed myself by falling off a very high pavement. trailer first followed by the front wheel of the bike. Managed to stay upright and recover but my attention was firmly focused on the beautiful rear end of the woman I was trying to get past. Will I ever learn?

So tomorrow I will make Bilbao and probably Santandr the day after. So two days, possibly three, and I’m there!

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