‘ello my luvvers!!

Viva Espagna! Au revoir la France, adios Espagna, bonjour la France! That pretty much sums up my day. I’ll explain. If you look at a map of France and let your eyes glide down to the bottom left hand corner you will see Bayonne, Biaritz, St Jean de Luz and so on. When you get there you realise there is little to distinguish one town from another, and all the people and their cars, trucks, cranes and tractors have all slipped into this corner like counters on an tipped up backgammon board. Bloody he’ll (excuse my French – no really, it is rubbish) I sped down the big hill toward St Senastian when the heavens opened. You know what they say about the rain in Spain, well Im on no plain but it certainly fell on me. Without further ado, and I had done 58 pretty tough miles by then, I turned around and went back to a campsite I saw which was back in France. The receptionist was so worried about me camping in the rain she strongly suggested I should stay in a hotel. I told her, I’m an Englishman and it rains in England ….. And actually, I quite fancied it. I still, but it’s stopped raining.

Faithful readers will remember my frustration at those push button showers and how i was going to invent something to beat them. Well, I’ve done it! All my luggage is held on to the trailer by two heavy duty straps. They’re like the straps you put around the suitcase with a one way friction lock that traps the end of the strap. I tell you, strap that big boy around the stop cock and you can languish in the shower until the pipes clank and the water runs cold! If any of you nick my idea and make a subsequent fortune, death will surely follow you.

So. To Spain again tomorrow. The road I thought I might take a look at to see if it will be rideable is awful. So I will do as lite of that as possible and try meandering along the coast. Easier said than done if you look at the maps but I’ll do it in little nite sized chunks. By the way, I now have o er eight days to do what should only take four days max. We’ll see. Gorra go now. Maps to stare at!

I hope you appreciate that typing on an iPhone is not an exact science hence some of the odd words and spelling.

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