Au revoir la belle France (tomorrow)

Hello Blogees (if i am a blogger and you are in receipt of my bloggings, that must by default make you a ….)

What a day I had today. I left the Hicksville trailer park campsite early due, once again, to my noisy neighbours. This time there was only one. This was a gentle giant of a man,a fens man from Cambridge, who carried his seven foot tall frame around on the biggest bike I’ve ever seen. But by god he also has a giant size snore. Never mind though. It meant I was well on the road by 8.30. And what a road it was. About 45 miles of dead straight, flat roads with a medium headwind blowing up from the south. Just like holland with trees and no people. Those sorts of road are incredibly wearing to ride. Usually you get to change tour position frequently according to the terrain. You also get the chance to coast down the occasional hill, but being sat in the same position pedaling for four hours makes your hands, shoulders and arse hurt real bad! I found a sort of cure which was to put the bike in the highest gear and stand up for two or three miles. And of course, it is as boring as he’ll. I got through all my music three times including all the songs for the choir that I have to learn while I’m away. Word perfect now Catharine and Jo! The Tenor Ladies

So I misled you last night and said I might make it to Spain today. No such thing. There’s another day’s riding and a possibility I’ll make it tomorrow if the weather holds out. It was brilliant today because it was cool and misty for most of the morning, with a warm, but not hot afternoon.

I had no idea where I was going to stay tonight but, it being Sunday when France is closed, I was prepared for some wild camping if required. But no need. At just the right time I saw a Camping sign and ended up on the prettiest little site with big shady trees, great showers, and all for €4.35. After 74 miles and an early start, I got here early enough toget almost all my kit washed. It was filthy but I liked it and experienced a sense of loss when all that hard earned filth went down the plughole.

I’ve made another attempt to fix the rattle on my bike – tomorrow will tell if I’ve been successful.

Anything else? I don’t think so. ‘Til tomorrow then. I’ll stick a couple of pictures but they may be a bit random. Bye!



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