My first decent shower

Bienvenu gentle readers. Look at that, almost bilingual! Has anyone else noticed this? The more I wander around rural France, the more it looks like the USA. I’m on a campsite it St Symphoniere that has a collection of cabins, some scrawny trees, a kid with Tourettes and looks for all the world like the home of Cleatus in the simpsons. This place is in a huge national park made up of the forests of Landes. This is the largest man made forest in Western Europe and was planted to provide wood for the ships to fight off the bastard English! That didn’t work because the trees are still here and so am I.

Today was always going to be a fairly short 48 miles, and so it was. It is slighty different from all the others in that I’ve left the CTC route and set off on my own- and it went really well. Leaving St Emilion was tricky, but after a bit of off-roading around the city walls, I got going and barely stopped until lunch. I made a big thing of this today just because I had plenty of time. The day was heating up to incendiary point so I pulled into a leafy lane and set up my stove, made tea, ate lunch and read my book for half an hour. Great! Pedaled on along these dead straight perfect roads (who pays for these roads – my father always used to say the French had soft suspension on their cars to get them over their ‘cart track’ roads. Things have changed) watching the huge cumulo nimbus clouds building in front of me. I thought I wouldmmake it before the heavens opened, but no such luck. 500m outs the village the heavens opened. I found an obliging tree to shelter under (I know, thunderstorms and trees but I made sure it was a pretty short one) and waited while the lightning flashed and the thunder crashed. I got slightly wet but after an afternoon of 30+ temperatures it was a blessed relief.

Anyway, more forest tomorrow and I may make it to Spain – not sure, will check later. Getting close anyway. Au revoir Steve Jobs does not like my French spelling




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3 Responses to My first decent shower

  1. Martha Beacham says:

    Really enjoying the daily updates, glad to hear you had a good day today.
    Roll on Spain!!!!

  2. Terri says:

    Aimant les mises à jour et les images aujourd’hui aussi bien, vous cherchez très bien et donc professionnel dans votre équipement de cyclisme. Comment sur terre vous dormez dans cette minuscule tente ? Espérons que la météo reste fine pour votre voyage onward. x; o)

  3. Terri says:

    Cheated with my previous message Microsoft translator and now in English: Loving the updates, pictures today as well. You’re looking very well and so professional in your cycling gear. How on earth do you sleep in that tiny tent? Hope the weather stays fine for your onward journey. x ;o)

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