I was lost in France

Well, it’s not surprising when two out of the three systems for navigation let you down. The written instructions from the CTC had a dyslexic jumble g of road numbers, my route on the sat nav went walkies, and when the French started using the flexible Cornish mile for measuring distance, it’s lucky I got here at all

I’ve been on the road a very long today but, with Jessie’s help, found a store reeling gas in screw top cannisters. That involved negotiating the traffic of Liborne and getting great directions from a less than sober cyclist who actually led me for a mile or so and finally left me shouting ‘Cette direction, cette direction’ !!

But now I am in the famous St Emilion on a crowded commercial campsite. It’s been rely not today and, true to form, I cam hear the thunder rumbling away. That puts me about 20 miles west of Bordeaux, so I guess it’s ok to say I’m now in the south of France. A couple more sleeps and I’ll be in Spain

I’m really tired today after a fairly disturbed night last night. On the one side I had three ungodly
Men/Boys who made random noises at random times, and on the other the godly church that binges the hour all through the night. Not so bad at 1,2 & 3 but by 5 it was getting beyond a joke.

Anyway, shortish day tomorrow which I’m looking forward to.

L & K’s mes petites

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1 Response to I was lost in France

  1. Terri Held says:

    Loving your travelog. Keep peddling & posting. Well done.

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