Poupet still

Not much to report today other than bow lazy I’ve been. Got up, had breakfast, had a long hot shower, felt exhausted and went back to bed. That shower didn’t have one of those really annoying push button thingies that I always mean to make some sort of clamp for, Market, and make my belated fortune from the same people who all bought travelling bath plugs.

Eventually walked to St Malo sur Bois and bought lunch in the only shop that was open. Resolved to go further afield this afternoon, but in the meantime felt a little nap coming on. Cycled this time to St Laurent sur Sevre along beautiful paths that go from the campsite, along the banks of the Sevre and found one more shop that sold me a cheap padlock. Still, better than nothing.

I am siting on the veranda of a kittle lodge on the campsite – did I mention I’ve not seen another camper, all very spooky – basking in the evening sun and about to go for a few beers. In the bar they have a dog that has the colouring of a Bengal tiger! Good beer as well.

He’s is a picture of my path to the supermarket. Bit of a contrast to yesterday.


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