Wetter, ‘otter still, much harder

That was a tough one. I’m not going to go on about it but I knew something was a bit odd when it started to rain at breakfast. Still, I’m used to that so set off and had a great 40 miles to the Loire. There was a real change in the countryside: gone were the lovely lanes of Brittany and instead there were rolling open wheat fields for as far as the eye can see. It also got busier and a bit less relaxed. Cyclists don’t wave any more and the traffic became a bit stressful. So anyway, I laboured on, got lost a few times and eventually found this beautiful campsite in Poupet after 72 hot miles.

I had some equipment failures as well. Actually I have been losing equipment including my old and much favoured gilet. The worse part was that all my keys were in it. Losing the top off my pump seemed minor but could have been catastrophic.

Im hoping for a better day tomorrow but if it rains I’m going to take the day off. Phew. Say nice things people. That has been tough.



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2 Responses to Wetter, ‘otter still, much harder

  1. Alice Palace says:

    Sorry this day has been a bit rougher DD. Hope tomorrow picks up a bit and you have a good rest lounging by the pool. How did you hurt your leg? You never know someone might pop your keys in the post!!

    So how far through the grand route do you think you are?

    Had a nice day today at the Clayhiddon beer and music festival. We toasted you with a pint of our favorite smelly ale. Is the beer warm in France?

    Keep on rolling!!
    A xxx

    • ceeteebee says:

      Johnny sat nav says I’ve done 288 miles. Feels much more but when you’re dragging a body along behind you it does slow you down. Keys are gone for good I’m afraid along with my lovely gilet. Ah well! Hope you had a good beering

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