Days 1 and 2

Bonjour mes  amis

Days 1 and 2 are done and I’m 140 miles closer to Santander than when I stepped off the ferry with abot 80 other cyclists yesterday. I’ve no idea where they went  but they were following me for a while. Big mistake!

Strangely, the further south I go, the warmer it gets. The thermals, leg and arm warmers gradually came off as the day went on. I had a very interesting zebra stripe sun tan on the top of my head last night, so I’ve even got the ambre solaire out today.

Yesterday was a big day that started unnaturally early when the ferry docked at 07:00 and ended 80 miles later in Guemene sur scorf. Today was 60 miles but much hillier and I’m in a wonderful municipal campsite beside the Brest-Nantes canal in Malestroit.

The gear is holding up well with only one puncture so far. I bought a new inner tube in a supermarket by the fruit counter. Warm in my little tent and managing to find veggie food to sustain me.

Off to Nort sur Edre tomorrow

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