The Final Countdown

In one week I’m off! Just spent the last couple of days having a bit of a panic as the fortnight I thought I had left to get ready suddenly became one week. Much hasty running around making vital last minute purchases of Ambre Solaire, toothpaste and deodorant.

The only thing still missing is my camera. On my trip to Cornwall I hit a big potholoe (all Welly Wheelers will know the one at the end of Pothole Lane) and my barbag bounced off and scattered the contents across the road. Unfortunately, my camera was in there and suffered serious injuries. I found a very helpful company in Luton to repair it and am banking on them getting it back to me this week.

The Prostate Cancer Charity has been great. They even sent me a cycling Jersey that will be worn the whole way if possible – I’ll put up a photo when the camera arrives.

So, what’s left to do? God knows. I’m walking around with a To Do list in my hand that is getting longer, not shorter.  The last thing I’ve had time to do is go cycling, but I’m going to make up for that at the weekend. Happy days.

Don’t forget the launch party on Wednesday. I’ll be running from the Time Trial to the bar, so mine is a Carlsberg from the shelf – the warmer the better (eew!)

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4 Responses to The Final Countdown

  1. margaret exley says:

    Hi Charles
    Would love to be at your leaving party but unfortunaltely band practice call – yes remember band practices!!
    Have a brilliant time, you are amazing you know keep safe and well.
    lots of love
    Margaret x

  2. ceeteebee says:

    I remember band practices! It’s a long time since I’ve played – I wonder if I still can?
    Nice to hear from you Margaret. Enjoy St Rennan!!

  3. Martha Beacham says:

    If you wear the same jersey for the whole trip, it will walk itself home at the end!!


  4. ceeteebee says:

    I find that showering in the shirt is the easiest way to get the skunk smell off. Thanks for your donation, Martha – much appreciated!

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