It all works!

There’s one more stage completed. On the last Bank Holiday (I’ve lost track of which one is which) I set off with pretty much all the gear I’m going to take to Santander, including a giant sleeping bag. It all loaded into and on the trailer which was hitched on to the back of the bike and looked very compact and reasonably tidy.

The trip went really well – the trailer towed like it wasn’t there most of the time, although I did notice it on the hills. As ever, met some really pleasant people on the way because I always get lost and rely on the kindness of strangers to put me right. At one point I got on the Granite Trail in Okehampton and got waylaid by a small group selling tea. They were the scouting party for a major shindig in the church hall a little distance away, where I was served tea and buns by lots of yummy mummies!

Got down to Truro in blazing sunshine and spent a bit of time with my mother before catching the train back to Taunton. That was part of the trial as well, because I was unsure if I could get all the gear on the train in time before they waved it off, but it was easy!

In Taunton I met friends for dinner and then cycled home with a few glasses of wine inside me – an interesting experience, and probably illegal as well. I won’t tell if you don’t.

Here’s a picture of the first night of many, camping in a field at Tregadillet.

The First Camp at Tregadillet

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