More kit!

I wish I could say that getting the kit together and planning the route is the fun part of the trip – well, actually it is. Although that’s not to detract from the actual journey which is quite fun as well.

Thank you to the those  who have sponsored me so far. I think the total  (with the Gift Aid – thanks Gordon) is approaching £400. A long way to go , but that’s a really decent start and I’m really touched by the fantastic comments people are leaving on the Justgiving page. (

The new bike has finally arrived after being built very slowly in Taiwan, then transported by lame camel and leaky barge to Flokestone, to be rapidly put together by Fatbirds in Hunstanton, only to be kidnapped by UK Mail and held for ransom in Willand, Devon of all places. Jessie will remember Willand as the place time forgot – we thought it was the alternate set for The Truman Show when we sat on a bench and watched the same cars go past time after time. Anyway, I negotiated its release and we have been on a few proving runs this weekend. Grateful thanks to Pete and the Welly Wheelers for steaming down the Lowman valley in a fast moving chain-gang. So much fun! Here’s a picture of the bike

So now I’ve got to get all my camping gear on it.  Some very sensible person said, “Why not tow a trailer”, and that, after much deliberation is what I’m going to do. Can’t wait to try it all out, but it’s going to have to wait until work is finished for Easter. The great advantage of this trailer is that the frame and wheels fold flat and the bag turns into a rucksack meaning I can get it on and off the train. Here it is loaded and unloaded

Until the next time………..

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