Welcome to the Santander blog

Another step is complete – the blog is online and all I have to do is complete it!

Other big steps are coming together, including the imminent delivery of the new bike from Fatbirds. I’ve had this on order for some time but, as you probably know, all bike frames are made in Taiwan or China, and the Kinesis Racelight TK2 is no exception. The container load of cherry red frames should have arrived in Folkestone this week and, once it has passed through customs, should be in the Fatbirds workshop and on it’s way to me by the end of next week. Once here I’ll get fitted on to it and have a proving trip to Cornwall planned fully laden. It had better work but I just have this niggling doubt about whether I will get it to carry all that I want. If not then I will have to exercise some discipline and leave the kitchen sink behind!

What else? Well, the ferry tickets are booked and paid for, and there is just enough money left for the Glastonbury tickets. Glasto is the weekend after I get back, and me and Jessie are planning to cycle there from Street so we can take advantage of the Green offer of composting toilets and solar showers! Wow! Now all we have to do is convince that nice Mr Eavis to sell us a couple of his spare tickets.

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